World-class organs create magnificent and diverse musical art. However, the new organs at Helsinki Music Centre are a work of art in themselves: the curved elements of the organ facade capture attention and leave a lasting impression. They also serve a crucial function, housing sounding pipes and air pipes.

The unique design language of the facade pipes required finding a suitable material and a reliable, flexible, and cost-effective manufacturing method. The striking facade pipes of the Music Centre’s organs are 3D-printed using Finnish UPM Formi 3D bio-composite. It proved to be an excellent choice, as the fine cellulose fibers in the bio-composite facilitate large-scale 3D printing, and the material’s minimal shrinkage, rapid cooling, and self-sustaining properties enable efficient production of complex elements. Sustainability was also a key consideration in choosing the material. 3D printing minimizes waste material, and the use of wood-based bio-composite allows for a 100% circular economy.

The silver-shimmering facade pipes of the organs are also impressive in terms of color. The wood-like qualities and matte surface of UPM Formi 3D bio-composite are suitable for various finishes – it can be painted, waxed, carved, sanded, or coated with almost any wood-appropriate finish. However, the most crucial aspect for the organs is their acoustic properties, and musicians who have tested the organs confirm that they are well-suited for this material.

In total, the organs feature 260 meters of channels and pipes made by 3D printing with wood composite, and they are among the world’s largest modern concert hall organs. The organs, costing a total of 4.4 million euros, will be inaugurated in a celebratory concert on January 1, 2024.

At UPM, we wanted to support the art created with organs and participate in the Music Centre Foundation’s donation campaign. We have named the impressive facade pipes of the organs in their entirety. The proceeds from the Music Centre Foundation’s campaign will be used for music played on the organs and organ-related events.

Soon, the magnificent organs will be playing – welcome to be enchanted!

Hanna Maula
VP, Communications and Brand, UPM