Musiikkitalo’s organ

In 2024, Musiikkitalo’s Concert Hall will finally have a new organ as the heart of Musiikkitalo. The organ will have 123 registers, making it one of the largest modern concert hall organ.

The organ’s new design will change how organs are perceived. The organ’s 10,000 pipes will be placed inside the instrument, and the wind system that usually remains out of sight will be displayed. The organ’s shape will match Musiikkitalo’s beautiful architecture.

The unparalleled organ will be handcrafted Rieger Orgelbau.

The versatile Musiikkitalo organ will suit myriad genres. This instrument of the future will not be confined to a specific genre, style, or period. Contemporary composers will be intrigued by its registration aids and technical innovations, which include microtonal pipes, regulatable pneumatics, and numerous overtone stops. The instrument will have two consoles: one on stage and another within the organ case. This way, the organist can sit next to the conductor and be seen by the audience.

Overtones, Microintervals and Flexible Wind

The Use of Features and New Technology of the Organ

Susanne Kujala and Jan Lehtola visited the Rieger Organ of St. Martins Church in Kassel, Germany on the 31st of January, 2022 and documented their experiences with new organ features on video. 

Many of these features will be similar to the Musiikkitalo organ.

These videos will go and stay online from 7th February 2022. Please feel free to study them and to ask further questions by email:


The competition opens on 27 March 2020.

The deadline for submitting compositions is 29 October 2022.

By 1 May 2023, the jury will choose 2 concertos for organ and symphony orchestra, 2–4 works for chamber orchestra and organ and 2–6 solo organ works that will be given their first public performances in 2024.